Our Advice On Dog's And Fireworks

Happy Halloween Guys!

It's that time of year where fireworks & bonfire night comes around. Make sure you are prepared, so our four legged friends are happy. Here at K9ofLC, Our trainers have put together some information for you.

• Take your dog for it's last walk before it goes dark.

• Never take your dog to a firework display.(If we think its loud, imagine what its like for your dog!)

• Provide a 'sung' area for your dog (under a table etc) for your dog to hide if it wants to.

• When your in the house, don't react to fireworks yourself.

• Distract your dog with treats & toys.

• Keep your dog inside with the curtains closed and the television or radio on.

• Keep noise down by, closing all windows and doors.

• Don't forget to update their iD.

• Don't cuddle or sooth them, this only keeps them in frightened mode.

• Use Adaptamil Diffuser (Start a few days before).

• You can also use Bach Herbal Remedy, Or start a course of Valerian Root (From the health shop) at least a week before.

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