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Welcome to K9ofLC Training academy 

Our 2023 class Update

Click HERE to find out more about this years updated class & workshop schedule 


About Me

Les has over 45 years experience in animal related work.  He first started training his own dogs at the age of 10!


Les specialises in aggression & Large breeds.


D.I.P Canine Behaviour & Psychology
Advanced Animal Behaviourist
B.I.P.D.T (British Institute for Professional Dog Trainers)

what we do

Welcome to K9ofLC Training academy 

Our aim for all of our dog training is to ensure that you and your dog enjoy learning together through positive reinforcement.


We have 2 secure, separate, outdoor training areas with the added benefit of having 2 indoor training arenas which is a great asset to train all year round, especially through winter months.  Our Academy classes will be kept to a maximum of 8 dogs per class to ensure you and your dog receive the best attention at all times from our qualified staff.


Dog behaviour issues are extremely complex, that require a carefully managed programme to resolve each individual case.  One to one sessions will be conducted in your own home environment and at our Training Academy.  They will be managed on a personal level by qualified trainers.  We have standard size agility equipment and with safety in mind, which is paramount to all dogs - we have specialised, purpose built agility equipment which is able to withstand the size and weight of all giant breeds of dog.

Remember that giant breeds ARE FAR TOO BIG for standard size equipment.


'To ensure the best start in life for your new puppy, we offer pre vaccination home visits, this is perfect for the first time dog owner who needs some support with the basics of puppy ownership.' 

What Owners Say

"Really Excited"

"Learning through play"

"Problem Dogs"

'Our border terrier puppy, Toby, is always really excited when we arrive for our lessons and we always go home knowing that the hour as been really worthwhile. The training has certainly been tailored to take into consideration his personality and character. Thankyou for everything you have done to help develop our puppy's happiness, obedience and sociability.'

Sally is a young German Shepheard dog, Who has a lovely nature but is very excitable. She loves coming to her training here and we are getting some very good results. Learning through play encourages her to want to learn and use her intelligence. Thankyou Les!

Fantastic training and facilities. Great with problem dogs. Highly recommended.




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