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About us


Les Caldecott- 

D.I.P Canine Behaviour & Psychology
Advanced Animal Behaviourist
B.I.P.D.T (British Institute for Professional Dog Trainers)

Les has over 45 years experience in animal related work.

He first started training his own dogs at the age of 10!

Since graduating in August 2011, Les has been working with aggression issues in dogs - particularly large breeds.

Les works with the RSPCA as a Trustee which involves organising dog rehabilitation and socialisation.  This is a new initiative to raise awareness and raise funds to prevent kennel stress in dogs - and maximise their re-homing potential.

Les has had great success with reward based training and his dogs have been awarded best in show by the National Kennel Club.


Specialises in aggression / large breeds.



Mary Williams- 

Educational Speaker for Blue Cross Animal Charity
Pets as Therapy Volunteer - with Brandy & Smudge-it.
Cert Advanced Dog Training
Mary has over 30 years experience of handling and training dogs.  She has also achieved a Diploma in Canine Communication and is a qualified animal first aider.
Mary, Smudge-it and Brandy work as volunteers for Pets as Therapy which offers holistic therapy to school children and OAP's in care homes.
Marys work with the Blue Cross has undertaken a 12 month plan to visit every Primary School in Wigan to talk to parents and children about safety with animals - this initiative is in collaboration with Jades Law.
Specialises in sight hounds and 'clicker training'.



Debbie Topping- 

Qualified with IMDT 

Debbie started her career as an professional horse rider. Her main success’ included being a 5 times national team chase champion and in 2006 won the AMT equestrian award of the year. She found herself lecturing on the physiology of training young horses for such as Wore Horse Welfare & the British Equestrian Veterinary Association.


Dogs have always played a large part in her life, she fostered & rehabilitated many foster/rescue dogs & enjoyed competing their working sheepdogs in agility & obedience classes. 


Reaching the age where she didn’t bounce so well after falls, it was a natural progression to turning her love of dogs into a career becoming a qualified dog trainer with the IMDT ( Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers)



Tina Jackson- 

Scent Workshop leader.  
Tina is a scent work expert with a decade of experience in various environments, including buildings, outdoor locations, and transport. She finds fulfillment in witnessing dogs achieve success in their scent work endeavors.



Lyndsay Harrison- 

Trainee dog trainer.  
Lindsay is a trainee dog trainer who is in-house. She is responsible for providing training to the dogs and helping them become obedient and well-behaved. Lindsay has a passion for dogs and is knowledgeable about various training techniques and methods. She works under the guidance of senior dog trainers to improve her skills and enhance her understanding of dog behavior. Lindsay is an asset to our team, and we are confident that she will continue to grow as a dog trainer and make a positive impact on the lives of the dogs she trains.


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