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Our Class 2023 Update

Our Dog training classes help pet owners establish a strong bond with their furry friends through the development of basic obedience skills. Puppy classes usually focus on socialization and teaching commands such as "sit," "stay," and "come." Adult dog classes build on that foundation with advanced skills and behavioral correction techniques. There are also specialty classes, such as agility and therapy dog training. K9ofLC only have certified trainers who use positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs and their owners. These classes can be a great way to improve communication between the pet and their owner.

Obedience Class

Working over 10 sessions, Obedience class's are structured training sessions that focus on improving the behaviour and obedience of dogs. Classes are taught by our experienced trainers who use positive reinforcement techniques, rewards, and clear verbal cues to teach dogs to follow commands. Training in obedience classes can improve communication between dogs and their owners, increase socialisation skills, and provide mental stimulation.

The Class Leader is: Les & Mary

Agility Class

The fun agility dog class is a great way to exercise both the body and mind of pet dogs. The class typically includes a variety of obstacles such as hoops, tunnels, jumps, and weave poles. The primary objective of the agility class is to help dogs work on their balance, coordination, and confidence. The fun agility dog class is open to all dogs, regardless of size, breed, or age, and is a great way to discover new skills and strengthen the bond with your furry friend. our equipment here at k9oflc is also giant breed sized!

The Class Leader is: Mary

Recall workshop

Our recall workshop focus's on teaching dogs to come when called by their owners, In a safe no judgement space. Techniques such as positive reinforcement and establishing a strong bond between owner. The workshop covers basic obedience commands and methods for avoiding common distractions that may prevent a dog from responding to the recall command. 

The Class Leader is: Les & Mary

Socialising workshop

Looking for the perfect way to socialiase your furry friend? Our dog socialisation Workshop at K9ofLC is the perfect fit! Our experienced trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog how to interact with other dogs in a safe and fun environment. We focus on building your dog's confidence and social skills, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier, and more well-behaved dog. Contact us today and over time watch as your dog blooms into a social butterfly!


The Class Leader is: Les

Scent workshop

K9ofLC is proud to offer a scent workshop for dogs! This workshop is designed to stimulate your dog's scent abilities and enhance their bond with their owner. Our experienced trainers will guide your dog through a variety of scent games and challenges designed to improve their skills. In addition to being a fun and engaging activity, scent work has no age, breed or physical limits. Join us for a fun and informative scent workshop for dogs and watch your furry friend's nose work in action! Contact us for more information or to schedule a session.

The workshop leader is: tina

Loose Lead workshop

Our loose lead workshop is an effective method of teaching dogs how to walk without pulling or tugging at the lead. The training focuses on positive reinforcement techniques and aims to improve communication and trust between the dog and the handler. During the workshop, dogs are taught to walk calmly beside their handler and to adjust their pace according to the handler's movements. By mastering loose lead walking, dogs can enjoy more freedom and exercise while their owners can experience a relaxed and enjoyable walk. 

The class leader is: Mary

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